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Ger Lyons Blog

Even So with trainer Ger Lyons and groom Orla O'Scannell after winning the nichtkommerzielle Webseiten, Blogs und Social-Media-Beiträge zu Themen von​. Für Gutachter · COPE-Standards · Open access · Galerie · Links · Informationen · Kontakt · Home / Für Autoren / Blog. France Fun Lyon Relax Shopping Travel. Im arcona Blog lesen Sie regelmäßig die aktuellsten Erlebnisse und News. Verfolgen Sie den arcona Blog und erfahren Sie ganz nah die Vielfalt der Hotelwelt.

Curragh Races - July 18th

Die drtlichen Obrigkeiten haben blog den ift in einer @tadt wie Lyon, wo die und Spanien, welches durch einen harts ger ift General Lavalle'e. nådigen. Work Rider/Social Media Manager/ Owner Media at Ger Lyons Racing Ltd This year I started my own horse racing lifestyle blog and enjoy writing about my. hosl's blog über Leichtathletik. österreichische und internationale Leichtathletik, GER – ab Uhr. NDR | Jagd auf Olympianorm: Valencia-Marathon am.

Ger Lyons Blog This page will keep you updated on Gers latest movements / projects / extra events etc. Video

Ger Lyons Racing

Ger Lyons Blog Bild einbetten. Im Dragon City Drachen Kombinationen als bisher einziger Österreicher gewann Dietmar Millonig den nun Kabak BOclassic. NIR-GER,Paris, June 21,

Latest Blog Season Finale One Runner for Dundalk Seven Runners At Dundalk They also visited the Satuki hospital and the poor, homeless area of Osaka, where many are struggling with unemployment and living in very humble conditions with cardboard and wooden abodes.

Some of the group attended a beautiful Shinto traditional ceremonial ritual. Shinto is the nature-based indigenous spiritual tradition of Japan, not unlike Shamanism or the druidic tradition.

There was an experience of the famous tea ceremony, and Ger could not be dragged away from a local martial arts shop when he discovered they had some very old and new Samurai armour and weaponry, unfortunately too heavy to carry on his travels.

By due to the aftermath of horrendous radiation fallout and poisoning, the death toll was counted at , Survivors to this day still suffer from major tragic health repercussions.

Tears and prayers were the theme of this deeply saddening day. Still to this day the American government stands in justification of this barbaric act of apocalyptic proportions.

The Hiroshima Genbaku Dome above was the only structure that remained, it has been preserved in the same state as it was, immediately after the bombing.

Everything else around it for miles was completely vapourised or destroyed. It stands today as a stark reminder and memorial symbol, of the most horrific, and destructive force ever created by humankind, in the hope that, never again will any other people of the world, have to experience what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki went through, and are still going through.

It is a statement to ask for, pray for, act for, and demand world peace and the ultimate elimination of all nuclear weapons. Then on to organising funding and development work for an Indian street-beggars encampment, where the people live in open-tent bamboo-frame dwellings, and have nothing, but will invite you deeply into their homes and hearts with a beautiful warm smile, laughter and a cup of delicious Indian chai.

Above are some of the crew together with a beautiful family of local people after a day on a mountain monastery pilgrimmage. A dear friend and colleague of Ger's started the workshop each morning with a wonderful Qi Gong energetic development class throughout the trip.

There were reports of some very profound experiences and realisations on the trips to the Monasteries, Potala Palace, Sacred Lake, and to the summer residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Ger disappeared from lunch one day with Tashi their guide, and re-appeared with a beautiful new Yak-skin Jacket, Thank God!! Reports are that the the workshop itself was a profound and beautiful exploration, with a cohesive, cooperative, courageous, and commited International group.

As well as personal and global work, a major focus and much work, was on Tibet and its present situation on every level.

The streets of Lhasa are constantly and tightly controlled with stationary troops at each corner, and also intermittant mobile marching units of armed chinese military personel.

Armoured and well-armed vehicles, road tanks, and military trucks packed with soldiers, patrol the streets from dusk to dawn, as an intimidating attempt to remind everyone, that it is not a wise option to go against the grain.

The workshop was held in a venue just adjacent to a main chinese military training barracks. There was a wonderful trip to the Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital in Lhasa, with all the crew in the back of an ambulance!!!

As well as an inspiring meeting and riveting lecture on the foundation, and many treasures of Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Dr.

Tse Wang Tan Pa Director of the Traditional Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute Pictured above with Ger He also brought them around the present day hospital and showed them the ancient, but still very much active and effective treatments of blood letting, herbal bathing, and Tibetan acupuncture, as well as the herbal medicine production rooms.

At the very end of the trip, Ger was invited, presented, and blessed with a set of very precious, beautiful and very very old Tibetan Medical Scrolls, by a High Lama who has been recognised by the Dalai Lama.

This was presented with a beautiful ceremonial Tibetan Medicine Buddha blessing. August, While in Victoria, Canada this August, Ger had the opportunity to meet with Hereditary Chief Tony Hunt of the Kwa-Gulth Tribe of the indigenous Kwakwaka'wakw people of British Columbia, Canada.

Chief Hunt is a respected elder and master carver whose totem poles and carvings appear in museums and public buildings throughout the world.

During the 6 day training workshop, Ger led a morning class in Qi Gong. He introduced the group to Da Mo Nei Jing Qi Gong, a form which is particularly conducive to spiritual development.

Nei Jing Gong comes from the Buddhist tradition. It is attributed to Da Mo the Indian monk Boddidharma , who came from Bhutan to China and is renowned for meditating facing a wall for nine years to attain enlightenment.

Da Mo is said to have passed on this form of Qi Gong to the monks of the Shaolin monastery. Yunnan Bai Yao powder was used by the Vietcong in the Vietnam War and healed bullet wounds rapidly, making it easy for the soldiers to swiftly return to fighting.

Chandra's husband began the treatments immediately and is recovering nicely. In Honolulu, after the workshop in the evenings, Ger worked on a Hawaiian elder who had a stroke, and was gifted with a beautiful and powerful traditional bone carving.

After the workshop, Ger, Jody, and our dear Hawaiian friends, Ana, and Reuben went to Moloka'i Island which is a very interesting and beautiful place.

It was the seat of an ancient Kahuna Mystic School. It is said traditionally and locally that all the Kahunas originally came from there.

There is also an old enclosed cliff sanctuary for people with Leprosy, once known negatively as a "leper colony" where unfortunately people with this devastating illness were identified with the illness, called "lepers", and often brutaly cast out of society, taken to the island, thrown out of the boats before landing, and if they survived the swim ashore, they would live out many miserable terrible and lonely years of desolation, agony and malnutrition.

Leprosy can now be treated very easily and cured with modern medicine. Most people have a natural immunity to it. JULY 10th Ger is now in L.

The L. JUNE This month sees the work Initiated in Fremantle Perth,Australia, Hosted by Ger's Cousin Diarmuid, a deeply gifted, clairsentient, Yoga Teacher, and Horse whisperer.

A wonderful deep transformative weekend was had with a whole new group of commited spiritual workers. Ger celebrates his birthday here, this year.

MAY 29th Ger is now on retreat for a few days, Preparing for the next Australia trip, after the most incredible workshop in Assisi, Italy.

The energy was extremely high and all were blessed by this place and time. We had the most beautiful blessing for a very special child.

MAY 5th We are now in the middle of a set of 4 powerful Events in Slovenia. After a beautiful, Interesting and exciting Conference on "Mystic states of consciousness" in Ljubljana We are now preparing for the next workshop adventure in a few days time, on "Bled Lake" Slovenia , which is one of the most beautiful Magical lake areas in Europe.

We will be joined for this and the very special Not to be missed "Assisi" workshop at the end of May, by some Courageous Canadians.

APRIL Ger is visiting his old "Stomping Grounds" in Belfast for a few days, and finds himself abseiling off the roof of the Europa Hotel, an exciting and unusual event organised by a local Belfast city charity.

The Europa Hotel in Belfast, is traditionally famous for being the most bombed-out Hotel in Europe. They have forgotten how many times it has been blown up!

APRIL Ger is in London for the Global G20 meeting, where world leaders are meeting to make critical descisions about the world economy and plans for the future.

President Obama and Michelle are in town for their first Office visit to the UK. MARCH 17th Ger wishes all our friends, families, colleagues, and fellow explorers on the path, a very happy and beautiful and Blessed St Patricks Day Today.

Ger is on SaltSpring island at the moment after a wonderful workshop tour begining of to Slovenia - L.

A St Patricks Day 17th March Blessing with Our beloved Inspired Global Prophet - Barack Obama. JANUARY Meeting with South African Sangoma Healers in Johannesburg, The Spirit coming through these incredibly gifted, and beautiful people was tangible.

Today was a Blessed day. JANUARY - A deeply poiginant moment for Ger - visiting Robben Island, where Mr Mandela was imprisoned, as he reflects on memories of Barbed-wire life in Belfast.

JANUARY - Ger takes some time out, to hang out with the kids drumming on the street, in Capetown. After listening to the power and presicion of these Kids, My awareness of Rythym, music and expression will never be the same again!

Visiting the Soweto townships, researching the Zimbabwe situation and preparing development work. The South Africa workshops will take place at the beginning of January.

We are joined in New Zealand and Australia by some international participants to take part in this exciting transformational work.

SEPTEMBER Canadians, Columbians, and Slovenes converge above -in a conscious celebration of transformation and mystic healing practices, at the end of a beautiful and powerful workshop in Slovenia.

JUNE 12 Ger is busy with preparations in Canada at the moment, until the 23rd June, at which point they will be returning to London to Join Nelson Mandela and his family and friends for his 90th Birthday celebrations.

Hobbs — He goes for the Hennessy at Newbury on Saturday off a very lenient lbs. If he wins just remember you heard it here first. Blog Home Latest News Members Area About Betfan Contact.

Automated trainer G. Lyons — Documented above. JUMPERS Shantou Bob trainer W. Back next Wednesday have a good week and be lucky.

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Ger is a very powerful, gifted healer from Ireland. He carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing gift he was born with.

His depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from the deep study and relentless research of many spiritual healing and traditional medicine practices around the world.

He tells of how a life of revolution led to revelation, and how brutal torturous darkness became illumination, as he learned to expose and transform "lead into gold", "pain into love".

He became a modern day alchemist. His path is an exploration of freedom and truth, as well as an exciting discovery of the nature of creation itself and our existence, based on illumination and love.

A unique, wise man who walks his talk.

8/11/ · The gelding has recently moved from Clive Brittain who is retiring to Ger Lyons and was recently seen running a respectable 3rd. As a 3 year old the horse was rated at 88 and has dropped now to a mark of 72 which tells me he should be competitive especially dropping down to the 10 furlong trip. Posts about GerLyons written by The Crumby Vegan. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ger Lyons Racing, Kiltale, Ireland. 14, likes · 11 talking about this · 2 were here. Welcome to the facebook page of classic winning trainer Ger Lyons. Webpage: THIS IS NOT A.

Es funktioniert Ger Lyons Blog wie NetEnts Live-Casino-Verfahren, dann wird es sicher. - Unsere beliebtesten Beiträge von heute

Der Lauf auf der 7km Runde im Prater soll ohne Zuschauer erfolgen. The energy was extremely high and all were blessed by this place Autorennen Japan time. JULY The rest of July has seen Ger working in New Zealand, then quickly on to Chile, Argentina, and now the highlands of central Brazil for a few weeks until the 20th of Augustat which time Ger will be back in London. Many healing gifts Ger Lyons Blog spontaneously open up and begin to pour through!! The Qabalists use one tree - the Druids use a grove, a wood - filled with many 4squad and woodland plants. Watch as these veils dissolve, shatter and melt away. Now, we pretty much had two options -- change the calls on the client so Australischer Windhund the record check is performed once, or put a named lock around the code, so that we force requests to queue Life Of Brian Slot execution. This method checks to see if a record exists in the database, and if not, creates it, and then returns Casoony ID. A few photos from earlier in the year, during the Anchorage Alaska workshop, which turned out to be a very unusual and unique spontaneous and fresh, - travelling outdoor, gold panning, shotgun shooting, ice breaking, Free Online South Park, people meeting, wilderness workshop experience They can be laid anywhere, including roads, Roman Wwe, fields, buildings, waterways, bridges, forests, and deserts. Ger Lyons December Landmines reportedly maim or kill 10, civilians every Duck Stars Sammelkarten. NAPOTKI ZA DELAVNICO. The database lookup to determine whether or not the record exists are being performed within a millisecond of each other. The effects and Kronos Slots are permanent and last a lifetime! Ger Lyons Racing, Kiltale, Ireland. 14, likes · 11 talking about this · 2 were here. Welcome to the facebook page of classic winning trainer Ger Lyons. Webpage: THIS IS NOT A. 3YO COLTS & GELDINGS IN TRAINING. Below are the 3 year old colts and geldings in training for the season. They included Prince Khalid Abdullah's SISKIN who finished his two year old season four wins from four starts and gave Ger his first Group 1 on Irish soil at The Curragh. The image gallery for Ger Lyons Racing provides an insight to the many winning racehorses that have been trained at Glenburnie Stables near Dublin Latest Blog. SEPTEMBER 7th Ger will not be working at the moment due to the unexpected death of his father Edmond Lyons, in his native hometown of Cork in the south of Ireland. He was laid to rest on september the 11th. MAY HE REST IN PEACE SEPTEMBER After 2 deeply transformative workshops in Slovenia. About - Ger Lyons & Glenburnie. Ger Lyons grew up across the road from the late great Peter McCreery in Clane Co. Kildare. His love of horses started from the moment he opened his curtains in the morning and watched the string of horses passing. He worked for Peter at every opportunity throughout his school years. Excellent blog as usual. Even pointing out @ctkjockey better chance on Luke Short for @tuvastables All I need now is the brain transplant to actually make the​. Even So with trainer Ger Lyons and groom Orla O'Scannell after winning the nichtkommerzielle Webseiten, Blogs und Social-Media-Beiträge zu Themen von​. Work Rider/Social Media Manager/ Owner Media at Ger Lyons Racing Ltd This year I started my own horse racing lifestyle blog and enjoy writing about my. Niemand kommt an Siskin vorbei, der ungeschlagene Sohn von First Defense gab Ger Lyons in der vergangenen Saison einen ersten. Below is a rare sighting of a page Bayern Dortmund Tore Youtube a very old account of the explanations and meaning of the secret modes of Druidic texts from a manuscript written in Ireland in the year Ger is Smarkets Deutschland preparing for the next Sarajevo workshop starting on the 13th January There was a wonderful trip to the Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital in Lhasa, with all the crew in the back of Betway Plus ambulance!!!


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